Furniture Repairs and Partial Upholstery

Your Furniture doesn’t have to be thrown out because it’s damaged! Don’t know who to go to for repairs? We can help solve most furniture repairs.

If your Furniture doesn’t need a full transformation, but could use an update, we can help with simple changes that help improve your EXISITNG furniture look and feel.

  • New Cushion Fabrics ONLY

    Did you know we can change your furniture’s cushions only! We can spruce up look by finding an exact matching fabric or something similar. You can also creative and find a complimenting fabric that matches your furniture exterior fames. We make it simple! Bring us one cushion and will start the process of finding you the right fabric!

  • New Foam

    Overtime foam loses its comfort because of years or even decades of wear, spills, and thrills. Most of the time foam can also become dry rotted breakdown. We solve this issue by providing you with different types of foam options. We aren’t satisfied until you have the feel you deserve!

  • Pick-Up & Delivery

    Available if necessary.

Repairs Specialization:

FREE Local Pickup and Delivery*

FAST turnaround 7-10 days

Furniture with long-term neglect becomes unhealthy in your home. Housing bacteria, allergies, and anything else that fall in between the cracks! This makes what we do and offer an essential part of your furniture’s health. We believe in making your furniture a one-of-a kind masterpiece that positively strengthens the complete health as well. Dress your furniture today!

Furniture Repair in Geneva, IL | Custom design for any decorator.

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FREE Local Pickup and Delivery
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FAST turnaround 7-10 days

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