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Our exclusive line of commercial grade fabrics will make your business stand-out from the competition.

Businesses ISAAC's service:

We take the ugly and outdate look from your existing furniture. We exchange for vibrant experience that will make your customer feel like to returning continuously

The office is a space that is sometimes neglected but has become an essential place to provide clients and staff with a clean and comfortable space. We specialize in helping re-design your existing office furniture.

We know that a hotel must be appealing to clients from the Lobby to their Room. That is why we specialize in revitalizing both areas. We take your exiting furniture and give it a 100% transformation that is reflective if your hospitality needs!

The medical space that we serve depends on and is determined based on our team’s capacity with certain types of equipment we must work with or around.

Durable Fabrics & Leather Like Options | Branded Colors that Match Who you Are

Commercial Upholstery Before and After

Rebuilding of Support from the foundation to new foam.

At the same time, we can pair up our durable and high-quality fabric with comfort foam to improve and bring out your company’s brand appearance in your existing Lobby or other office furniture.

Commercial Upholstery Before and After

Faster service just for businesses so your customers are not inconvenience.

Let us assist you in making your customers, clients, board members, and employees feel valuable when they go to your location.

It’s also become essential for business to regard their place of business as an place of “good-health management.” The truth is that many businesses lose-sight of their furniture’s conditions. Years of neglect results poor furniture health conditions.

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