Arm / Head/ Seat Covers

Did you know the arm, head and seat are the 3-areas of furniture that see the most damage or usage.

The reason why is because they see the most stains, oil, frictions, splitting, wearing, stress, and fraying.

Our custom design Arm / Head / Seat covers, help preserve that area of your furniture. We
don’t only offer protection, but we can also help match these covers to your current furniture’s fabric.

Don’t wait! Get to protecting your furniture!

Arm Cover replacement due to:

Head Covers for:

Furniture with long-term neglect becomes unhealthy in your home. Housing bacteria, allergies, and anything else that fall in between the cracks! This makes what we do and offer an essential part of your furniture’s health. We believe in making your furniture a one-of-a kind masterpiece that positively strengthens the complete health as well. Dress your furniture today!

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